Friday, November 16, 2007

Leaving For Zürich

Hey folks, we leave for Zürich soon. Probably won't be out of touch though. Sean is wrapping up his dissertation, so he needs internet access. It is going to be cold there. brrrrr.

So I got wind that my German friend, Sabine, found the blog. Probably her other friends have it as well. Ah... quick read previous posts and edit :) Heh, no, I don't do that, I only edit for grammatical reasons. However, in reading some previous posts I did notice that in my discretion I sort of neglected to tell you anything about this girl. I've seen her a couple times now, so I've talked to her more than most people in the last 3 months. So her name is Sabine, she is a touch older than me, but I am a young kid :) She has the perfect red hair. Curly, long and smells great. She is a personal trainer in Cologne and she has a corny website, you can maybe find it on google. She has an older brother and a younger sister. She speaks great English, she spent some time in New Zealand, so she has an adorable German/Austrailian/English accent going on. It is great. So see, I got to know her a bit, not enough though. She says that there is a German phrase, something about meeting 3 times. Well I hope that is true and I hope it comes soon. She didn't know about peanut butter and jelly, so I had her try that, but it was on good German bread. I don't think she liked it, that is a shame. The trick to a good PBJ is crappy white bread. That is harder to find here. Well I hope this gives me some brownie points. I guess she might not know what that is, or what a brownie is. Well, it is a good thing. Take Care everyone, I'll see you soon. -Eric

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