Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There Are Sober Kids in Bosnia

So don't waste your alcohol.

Saturday: We woke up really late. Mira's father invited us to see where he works. He is a maintenance inspector at the Dusseldorf Airport. After getting up and getting ready we made our way to the train station to ride to Dusseldorf. We got there by 3pm or so. Mira's father showed us around, it was a blast.

It is his job to make the final check on work done to verify that it is safe to fly. First we got to see the insides of the turbofans (the engines.) Impressive machines. Later we went inside a plane. We got to sit in the cockpit and Mira's Father showed us all the equipment in there. He really knows his stuff.

Hmm... they had German Playboy's left over in the plane from the previous flight so we helped ourselves to some. I swear I only read the articles.

After playing in the cockpit we went through a small door in the floor and saw where all the electronics are located. Also, the front landing gear is located there. That lead to the front cargo bay. It was all very small, so it was fun getting around. It was neat to see all the insides of the plane. Mira's father is a lot of fun too, we had a great time.

It was about 6pm or so when we left there. I gave Sabine a call and we made plans to meet her and her friends at a traditional bar on the south side of the town called Unklebach. We made it there around 9pm. She was with a group of guys and gals, some from Cologne and others from south of there. We got to know them, entertained them with our lack of German, confused them while trying to explain what we do. You know, the normal routine. They didn't drink much, they were preparing for the next day. We decided otherwise, so Sean, Sabine and I went for a drink near to Mira's place.

On the train from Unkelbach towards Mira's.

This is a gem of a photo. One of those beautiful accidents.

We stayed there until 1am or so and then decided that we needed to get some rest. We walked Sabine to the train and then went home. We needed to get up early the next morning to meet our new friends for breakfast before Karneval. -Eric

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