Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Market

Yesterday after the 'freakin' kid left Sean and I went into town to get some groceries. We stopped by the bank on the way there and deposited some money into our German bank account for rent. I had forgotten, but the Christmas market was opening on Wednesday. So we made a detour and hung out there for a bit.

We got some Glühwein - that is a spiced hot wine. It is the traditional thing to drink, it is very nice on a cold day. We enjoyed it thoroughly, actually we enjoyed a few of them thoroughly.

There are small shops setup all around the old town hall and the nearby church. It looks just as you expect a small German town to look like. The shops sell all sorts of Christmas toys and gifts and things like that.

Sean and I got a brat since we were hungry, we were planning on cooking ourselves, but this was much better. After eating and drinking some more we went over to the store and finished our intended shopping. We both had to finish our conference abstracts, so we decided not to get hammered :) We were still a bit hungry, so I fried up some potatoes and onions and Sean and I finished watching the rest of 'Der Untergang,' a movie depicting the final moments of Hitlers life. Interesting movie, I had seen it before. -Eric

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