Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cologne: Friday

We left work early on Friday to try to make it to Cologne early. Daniel and Mira had tickets to a rock concert in town. Sean and I were going right to Mira's apartment. After a good drive from Gottingen to Cologne with a couple stops and a car change we were in town. We were in a bit of a hurry so we ate at Burger King. Daniel dropped Sean and I off near a train station and we rode into town. Mira and Daniel went to the concert, afterwards, they drove back to Mira's fathers house since that was going to be easier. They met up with us the following morning.

This picture is blurry (it is like a Bigfoot sighting,) but that guy on the right had an amazing mullet. I felt like I was back in Tennessee.

We took the train right into the heart of Cologne. We found our way out of the train station and discovered ourselves to be right under the Cologne Dom. It is a very impressive building. We have more pictures of it from the following days.

We were pretty sick of carrying our bags so we walked south towards Mira's apartment. Going from the Dom to Mira's takes you through a long stretch of stores.

We made it to Mira's with minimal confusion. Mira had given us a bottle of beer earlier, so we drank that as we rested a bit at her place. Mira's apartment is in a great location a block from the stretch of college bars. We promptly left to enjoy that. It was pretty busy. We walked around a bit and went into the 'Cuba Bar.' Good place for Americans to go :) We got some seats there and ordered a beer. They had a weak beer menu and the waiter was really pushing the cocktails, so we tried a few of those. And right here I have documented proof of a cocktail purchased by Sean R. Fischbach.

A few drinks in we met a few girls. I made friends with the redhead sitting behind me. Sabine was her name (pronounced sort of like Zabina.) She was a cute gal. Gorgeous hair. She had been to America once, to San Diego, and she spoke English pretty well.

Sean talked to her friend, Annita was her name - I think. She was nice.

We walked the ladies to the train station. Sabine had her bike with her. She was lost once and far from her home and she 'found' this bike somewhere. Hmmmm.

They have a website here in Germany: People post when they are driving somewhere and you can get a ride with them. She was leaving the next morning to go to Paris. It was pretty late at this point, Sean and I went back to Mira's and crashed. It was a good night. Cologne is a nice city :) -Eric


Nichtslutz said...

That is a truly magnificent mullet!
The mother of all hairstyles is called "Vokuhila" in German which stands for "VOrne KUrz, HInten LAng".
(Short in the front, long in the back)...
This guy here might be the origin of the myth (or at least the guy who brought it over the Atlantic - in which direction ever...):

Take care guys!

Bernulli said...

This indeed was an amazing mullet. What you can't see on the picture is that he also had a moustache - taking it seriously, at least.