Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drunken Car Post

Do do do. Drunken post time. It's been a while, and yeah, I've been slacking on the posts, but really all we are doing is working really hard and doing some CFD shit and that is all. It is interesting, but not to you guys, so I don't write about it. Until the average person figures out how cool we are I am stuck talking about castles and beer. Almost typed bee there, bees are cool too, bzzzzzzz, but I am allergic to some bees, so they are not cool.

I downloaded the pictures from Sean's camera. He is a douche and does not know how to push buttons. This is a man who will be receiving his PhD in a month. He had supposedly taken a great video of some German rice burners, but ney, he can't push a button. Hmmm, sorry pal, I am drunk, no mercy.

(random pictures from Seans camera. Me by the donkeys near the castle. Sorry, no donkeys in the photo.)

So, we just had some trick or treaters come to our place! We had no candy! F@%#! We thought that the Germans didn't do Halloween, otherwise we would have been prepared. Scared the shit out of me when they rang the doorbell. Geez. Honestly, in this state of mind their ghost costumes were a little creepy.

We are going to Cologne in two weeks for Karnival. That will be our Halloween. We need to teach them how to make costumes. Guys: anything is fine. Girls: slutty nurse, slutty cop, slutty cat, sluts, and my all time favorite - slutty Disney characters. They have so much to learn here. Also, they need good Mexican food and maybe a few spices here and there.

I told you we went to a car museum. Cars are not as exciting as planes or rockets, but they are still cool.

So yeah. I am going to hit the hay. See ya all later. -Eric

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Bernulli said...

Oh, yeah, I'm sure the people in Cologne are eager to learn from you how to celebrate Karneval properly - they only do that for 2000 years now, you know.