Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Work All Day

Wha' da ya get - another day older and the god damned exchange rate is killing us. :) Ok, that doesn't rhyme.

(Sean 'working')

We've been work the past few days. Long hard days. Engineering is tough. I've been working on my CFD code and I made some really great progress yesterday. I finally got the 1-D finite volume code working for the shock tube case. Now that that is done I can move on to some more advanced topics and add more detail to the code.

(The Mac Dr. Flandro lent to me, it is a fun machine.)

For the non-engineers, we are taking a set of equations which approximate the motions of fluids (air, water, etc.) and we break them up into small pieces which the computer can then, er - compute. By breaking the equations up we loose some accuracy and introduce errors. However, since the computer can do calculations really fast, we can still get accurate results on the motions of the fluid. It allows us to do some pretty fancy stuff. Of course, it is just an approximation, so you have to be really careful to check your results and see if they are correct. This is not what Sean and I normally work on. Usually we work on analytical problems, or different numerical problems, or I might do some experimental work. That makes this a good opportunity for us to learn something new.

Here are a bunch of equations. It is a little blurry, but that is ok. It is all top secret stuff and if you could read it I would have to kill you :)

So work is going well. We are going to eat now. See ya later, alligators. -Eric

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