Thursday, October 04, 2007

Munich: Monday

After getting a good nights rest and waking up a bit late we had lunch at a local cafe. Fabian took us to a place nearby. After getting some food in us we all went to downtown Munich. Fabian showed us a lot of the important buildings and told us a bit of the history and fables. Munich is a beautiful city. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Fabian speaks English very well.

This is the biggest church in Munich. It is the tallest building in the center circle of the city. Whoever financed the building (some king) made a provision that no buildings could be taller than it and they have followed it since. There was an interesting tale to go along with the church. During the construction of the church the King was getting annoyed that it was taking too long, so he pressured the constructors to hurry it up. The construction manager, feeling the pressure made a deal with the devil. The devil agreed to help build the church, but only under the conditions that it would have no windows. When you first walk into the church you won't see any windows since all the columns block them, but as you walk forward you will suddenly see all the windows. At this point there is a footprint 'smashed' into a tile. That is supposed to be the footprint of the devil when he got pissed that they put in windows after all.

We went to another chruch nearby where we could walk up the tower and see Munich from above.

We walked around a bit more. The street shown below was modeled after a street in Paris (I think, somewhere in France at least.) You can see that the street is wider than the buildings are tall, which is supposedly more ascetically pleasing.

It was at this place that Hitler gave some important speech. Now it is no longer allowed for anyone to give speeches at this location.

After this we walked by a Ferrari/Lamborghini dealership and saw all the fancy cars. Satisfied that we had seen the town we headed back to Oktoberfest. I will post those adventures next. -Eric

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