Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Little More Cologne

Sunday: We woke up at the crack of noon. We wanted to get something to eat, but all the places had expensive brunch buffets for students. We didn't want that, we weren't that hungry anyways. We got a cup of coffee and grabbed some pastries. This is me eating a bread dude (I am at a loss for words.)

We took our bags with us and walked back towards the Dom. The main train station is right next to it, so that is where we needed to go anyways. All the shops are closed on Sundays (except bakeries and such) so it was a lot quieter. We got to the Dom again and took some more photos while Mira and Daniel looked at the train schedule. We just needed to get to Mira's home to get back Banuti's car.

It was about a half hour ride. We took a slight detour so we could ride the 'Schwebebahn Wuppertal.' It is a suspension train which rides over the Wupper river in Wuppertal (made in 1900.)

We got off at the last station and then walked to Mira's home. We ordered some pizza and ate it on her back patio.

After eating we gathered our things and drove back to Gottingen. It was a very pleasant weekend. Cologne is a great city. -Eric

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Nichtslutz said...

What do I have to see here?
Wuppertal - the German Tullahoma!
I lived there for 19 years - and kind of love it - like a retarded child...