Friday, October 05, 2007

Oktoberfest: Tuesday

Ok, so... Tuesday we went to the museum, afterwards we got a bite to eat. Pretzels and brats and potato salad and beers, of course. God I love this kind of food. Reminds me of home.

We stopped by Fabians house and then went to Oktoberfest. The thing was that it was Tuesday and Wednesday was a holiday so it was packed and you needed reservations or something to get into the tents, but no worries, plenty to drink outside. Also, there were teenagers everywhere and they were annoying.

We walked around and found a seat with two guys. They were assholes, so we drank our beers and left that place. We walked around a bit more and found a seat outside a different tent. So who do we end up sitting with... a guy from New York City and a bunch of Canadians. Always Canadians, but their girls are cute, so I am not complaining. To make it all better the guy from New York was doing his residency in neurosurgery. So honestly, two rocket scientists and a brain surgeon. What are the odds, it is like a bad joke.

A couple of the Canadians had been traveling around Europe for 9 months. They sold their house and quit their jobs and left. Pretty cool. I have hardly any pictures from this night. Below is inside a beer tent after it had closed.

We had a few beers and the Canadians left. So we hung out with the New Yorker. Oktoberfest was closing so we hopped on a train and went to another part of the town where the clubs are. We had a few beers there and danced around. There was some mildly fat guy walking around the club with his chest all stuck out like he was tough. He kept trying to start something with me, apparently I was his competition. I would have loved to crack him one, but I was peaceful. There were a couple of good looking chicks dancing around. Lisa was the name of one of them. So I think fatty wanted one of them (as I reread this I thought some of the guys might be confused with the term 'fatty.' I am talking about the chest guy, not Sean ;) Anyways, Sean found some blond chick. After some time me and the New Yorker just had to leave, so we left Sean - again :) David, that was the New Yorkers name, and I got a Doner (remember that turkish gyro thing.) It was really good, but it was 3am and I was a touch drunk (only a touch,) so most things taste good then.

We took a cab back to the middle of town. David went north, I had to go west. I went to the train station and I was waiting for a train, but it was going to take a while, so I walked back outside. There I found an Austrian guy who was lost. I asked him if he needed help. I didn't know where he needed to go, but I had a little map, so I got it out. Then we got some German chick to find his street on the map. They figured it out. Then some drunk guy took my map, so I chased him down and got my map back :) what a mess. The train came soon thereafter and I got back and went to sleep. I slept like a rock, I don't even remember Sean getting back. He got back late. So that was probably our least eventful evening.

The next day was amazing and unfortunately it was our last. Quite a bit of stuff happened in just a few hours, so I'll have to bust that day up into more parts. -Eric

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