Saturday, October 06, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen Oktoberfest: Part 1

Wednesday: we woke up later, as usual, especially with the late night before. We packed up our stuff so that it was ready when we needed to leave. We said our goodbyes to Fabian since he had to work. What a great guy, he was really a tremendous help. We are fortunate to have met him.

We got something to eat at the nearby beer garden. I had Haxentag and Kartoffelsalat. They had a band playing and they were doing a great job. Most of the small bands we have seen just destroy any English song. We were happy to see someone doing well. They played a country song, which we found funny, so I took a video of that.

Then we went to Oktoberfest. It was gorgeous out, and hot too. Our train was leaving at 6:50pm so we only had a few hours that we could spend there. The initial plan was to go to the different beer gardens take photos of the inside and maybe have a bit to drink. We already had one liter at the beer garden and had a train to catch. As you will soon see - that plan didn't last long.

I got to be 'that guy' in the picture of two girls that were in front of me (on the left in the photo. ) They had walked right in front of me when I was taking Sean's picture. When they came up I was right behind them, so they have a lovely photo of me smiling in the background.

Walking around Oktoberfest

So we went into the first tent on our right (Paulaner) and walked around. Sean took some pictures. I don't know how many tents there are, probably about ten. We did that pretty quickly. After that we went to the next tent along the walkway (Hofbrau.) As soon as we walked in a waitress asked us (in German first, then English,) if we would like a seat. We were thrown back a bit by that because you always just find a seat yourself. So we said, "sure, why not," figuring that we could fit in a beer or so into our plan.

And that was the end of that plan. It is good to be flexible though. The next posts will detail this new adventure. I've got a lot more pictures and videos and stories. -Eric

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