Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Rest of Cologne

Saturday we woke up nice and late. Daniel and Mira came to her apartment by train. We left to walk into town and got a bite to eat. We ate at a nearby Greek place that Banuti is fond of. After that we walked through the shopping pedestrian area. There were some really good street performers around there. I always enjoy that. Eventually we made it to our destination - the Dom.

It is really huge. Really very huge and impressive and generally just really cool and huge. This is it from the inside.

The weather was perfect out. We climbed up the tower and got a great view of the city. This is a photo of the Rhine river.

And the peak of the towers nearby.

After the tower we walked around town and got some ice cream and something to drink. We walked to the other side of the river, since the sun was shining over there, and relaxed.

After walking around we went back to Mira's apartment and sat for a moment and then went into town. We found a decent bar (with a totally cute blond waitress) and had many beers there.

This is a picture I took of Sean. I am just going to let you wonder what the hell is going on, it is more fun that way.

They have their Cologne style beer. Which I would say is generally pretty crappy. Also, it comes in a .2 liter glass, a far cry from the 1 liter glasses in Bavaria. They are so small that combined with the slow service in Germany it is hard to get drunk off of them. We had some food after drinking and went back and slept. Another long night. These weekend trips are exhausting. -Eric

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