Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oktoberfest: Monday

After touring around Munich we went to Oktoberfest again. Fabian had some friends that were already there so we met up with them. We made a bunch of new friends right away: Patrick, Mike, Julia, Stephanie, King Ludwig and more that I don't remember the names of. We got more beers and soon we were at it again. So here are a bunch of photos, they will tell the story better.

Sean and our drunken friend Patrick, who was from Munich. That is not my hand on Sean's chin.

Mike and Julia.

Me and Stephanie, or as she said in German, Schtephie. She didn't believe me that I did not speak German since we are living here. But, I don't know how to prove that I don't speak German.

At some point in the night some guys from California ran into us, they were a good time. So they got up on the benches and partied as well. They were surprised that we have been here for over a month. They were just there for a few days. Although, they did decide like a week ago that they were going, and it was after watching the movie Beerfest, which everybody I've met here who has seen it agrees - it is absolutely true.

This is a cool photo of one of the guys from California prosting (cheers.) Sean does not know how to take a photo without it being blurry, so this is a rare case where it actually worked out for the better.

Later in the night the chick on the left side of this picture in the pink shirt comes up to me. She says, "What are you doing?," confused, I say, "What?," so she says, "I have been trying to get your attention all night." I think then, 'well geez, it is easy to get my attention, what have you been doing, and anyways, she was behind me, kind of hard that way.' So she came and partied with us. I can't remember where she was from, somewhere in Germany. That may sound obvious, but a lot of the people we met were from all over the world and they all spoke English. Yeehaw for English!

Now, I usually don't pay attention to Sean at all, we are in our own little worlds. He got the talking to a chick behind us. (we have no photos of her) He told us the next day that this chick, who was American, thought that he was a German who just spoke English well. heh. He left the tent with her and then decided to come back to find us. Well, by that time the tent was closed. I had left and was walking around Oktoberfest with the blond in pink. So he was out of luck.

Another guy from California, and originally Jamaica, with Schtephie and the blond, Claudia.

So I walked around the area for a while with blondie. She was trying to meet up with her friends. It gave me a good opportunity to practice my German phrases. It was hilarious. She just kept saying, "oh your just being a charming American," or "you are just drunk." And I wasn't drunk, which I eventually proved to her, but I was probably charming :) My tolerance must be pretty high at the moment. To be able to drink a good 5 or 6 or so liters of higher alcohol content than in the US, in a few hours, after only eating a small lunch, and then to only be buzzed. This is going to be trouble when we get back.

Eventually she found her friends and we parted ways. I went to the train station and got back to Fabians. Sean apparently walked around for a while, drunk, had another beer at some bar and finally stumbled his way back to Fabians. That was about 4 hours after I got back. He has no idea what route he took to get back. But it was no worry, I was fast asleep. He is a big boy, he can take care of himself. That was a good night and this is a long post. Well, there is more fun to come, but now I have to go to bed, so I will write more tomorrow. -Eric

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