Monday, October 08, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen Oktoberfest: Part 2

This day was so much fun. When I left you last we had just gotten a beer at the beer tent. The waitress seated us, which was odd. She got us onto a table with a few younger kids. They were from Spain, Argentina and Brazil. The two Spaniards were living in Kassel, which is near to here, and one of them had worked in Gottingen for a while. Small world. While we were getting seated we moved down and another group sat down. They were from Scotland, Sweden and Ireland. So we were surrounded by quite the selection of people. They all spoke English :)

(the guy in blue is from Argentina. There were some cute young girls sitting down from us, as you can see, with what looked like their parents. I wanted so much to go and dance with them, they looked so bored. They left soon after we got there though.)

One of the guys from Scotland was there for his bachelor party. That is him shown above. He had met his soon to be wife at Oktoberfest in the very tent that we were at. He had a good story too. It had been raining outside four years ago. He was trying to get into the tent with his friends, but it was full. They found one of the small doors where the waitresses were leaving from and quick ran into it. The guy in front of him got through and he made it as well, but the bouncer stuck out his arm and the friend behind him got clocked. So he just made it in, after that, as he said, he practically ran into her arms. "It was fate," he said and at this point he was getting a little chocked up. The guy from Sweden was the gals brother. They were good guys.

After talking with them for some time we learned that the guy getting married was an aircraft electronics engineer. We met so many engineers and scientists, it was crazy. This guy eventually learned that we are rocket scientists. We don't tell people that outright, but eventually they come to that conclusion. So he tells his pal sitting behind him, "Hey (in a thick Scottish accent) these two fellas are rocket scientists." His pal turns around and shouts, "rocket scientists, that's the fuckin' greatest thing I've ever heard." and we prosted our glasses. (sorry for the language, but it was a quote so it is ok.)

Scottish dudes, I don't know where the chick was from.

That's the Swedish guy on the left making an odd face.

Just if you are not aware prost = cheers.

At some point the Spainish speaking crew left, so we slid down a bit more. We were joined by a few other people. People from Germany this time. I'll leave you here and write the rest of this day soon. So stay tuned for a few more ladies and a guy we pissed off and us being drunk. -Eric

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