Sunday, October 21, 2007

We Need More Cuddly Germans

Do you know the adage about drinking which goes - liquor then beer and you're in the clear, beer then liquor and you've never been sicker. I don't know if it is true, the order might be irrelevant. Well, last night we did wine then beer then liquor then hard cider then beer and then feel like crap the next day. It is not as clever of a phrase, but I am not in a clever mood.

Yesteday, before the bar, we walked around and did a little shopping, which is very unusual for us. I needed a winter hat since I forgot mine and Sean wanted some more winter clothes. We went into a bunch of stores in town. It was Saturday, so it was busy everywhere.

While walking to town there was some large protest going on with police in riot gear and the whole nine yards. The police had cool shin guards. It was all very peaceful and such. I suppose they were just there in case. We walked through the protesters at one point, Sean and I were wearing black jackets, so we felt that we fit in. Except we wear black because it looks good, they wear it to be morose. They had someone shouting things over some speakers. We didn't know what they were saying, which was probably good because it would have likely just pissed us off. I had part of their chant stuck in my head for the rest of the day. "Revolution, da da, da da da, Revolution." Do they really need to revolt? It is such a strong word, they need to be careful or it will loose its meaning.

After that entertainment we went to the stores. I picked up a winter cap and a Kashmir scarf (ooooh fancy.) Sean got a scarf too and a sweater. After shopping we went back to our place, made some dinner, watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm and then went to the bar. We went to the Irish bar because I was in the mood for some Newcastle. There was a live band playing. The guy was from San Francisco and was pretty good. We got hammered as I detailed above. The waitress told me that I was too cuddlish (my new favorite word) and that she was selling beer, not hips. Heh, honestly, all I did was put my arm around her. Oh well, shot down. I am cuddlish though, I like that. Germans need to be more cuddly.

Sean bought a round of drinks for the band, they appreciated that. He told the waitress not to tell them who it was from, but she did anyways. That was fine, we got to chat with the dude from San Fran.

Yeah, so we got back home and passed out and now today is a very blah day. We watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which is one of my all time favorite movies. Otherwise, it was a recovery day. Tomorrow we go back to work. -Eric

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