Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oktoberfest: Sunday

Hey Everybody. As I had mention before we were invited to stay with Mira's friend. His name is Fabian and he is a great guy. We left Gottingen at around 9am by train and arrived in Munich at 1pm. We then found our way to Fabians house (there was a little confusion, but we made it.) After arriving he took us over to a local beer garden. There we had our first beer in Bavaria. We also had a good, large meal. Everything is bigger here and it is fantastic.

While we were at the beer garden one of Fabians friends met up with us. He was a Oktoberfest virgin too. We then made our way to the Oktoberfest grounds by train. They have a good train system there (probably most everywhere,) and Fabians house is in a good location as well. It was very easy and fast to get to Oktoberfest.

We got in and went straight to the beer tents. The rule is that you need a seat to get a beer. Fabian took care of that quickly and we had our beers very shortly thereafter. Good beers too, though, there are good beers everywhere.

This is Fabian with Sean. Fabian was sporting his lederhosen.

As the course of the night goes on the people around you evolve. People come and people go (and people get drunk.) So we eventually are sitting there with two Italians (Vito, shown above, who was nuts) some Germans, Canadians, a mathematician and two guys that work for Airbus. The Italians spoke almost no English (they kept calling Sean 'beautiful American,') but they spoke French. The Canadians spoke French as well, and Sean knows a bit. So you have an American, an Italian and a Canadian all speaking French in Germany. Nice :) I have some great videos. I hope I can load them. (here is a pause, which you won't notice, while I work on the videos.)

So they have several songs they like to sing in the beer tents. There are the traditional Bavarian songs, which everyone loves, but there was one song which they went crazy for: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver. So here is the video of everyone singing it. It is a shaky video, I was rocking back and forth with the blonde chick next to me. (The video application was acting a little goofy for me, just scroll your mouse over the bottom left of where the video should be and you'll see a play button, press it and the video should go.)

I have many more videos so we can see some other songs, I will upload them later. The beer tents close at 11:30pm. We were exhausted, so then we made our way back to the train station and to Fabians. At some point we lost Fabian's friend, but he made it home alright. So that was our first night, it was great fun, but things only got better. :) -Eric

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