Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oktoberfest Recovery

What have we done the past few days?... The day after we got back from Oktoberfest we hung out with Mira. We showed her the pictures and videos and ate some pastries. Later we walked into town and got some ice cream and a hot dog. This place said it had an 'American Style' hot dog. They were not, they were still good though.

We've been working hard the past few days, putting in long hours 9-6 kind stuff. Sean is working on his dissertation and I am learning computational fluid dynamics (CFD.) So there is plenty to do. I have some pics from work, I'll post them tomorrow.

We had dinner with Daniel and Mira on Monday. We ate at the Greek place in town. They have great food and large portions. Afterwards we had a few drinks including several shots.

Right now we are cooking dinner, drinking some wine (2 euro merlot) and taking it easy. This weekend we are going to Cologne. Should be a good time. -Eric

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