Friday, December 21, 2007

Where Did I Go?

Ok, I disappeared from the blog for a short moment there. I had meant to post something yesterday, but I forgot my power cord for my laptop at the office and my batteries died. But praise the Lord my laptop has risen from the dead.

So. Lets catch up on some old going-ons and then we'll talk about the pasts few days events. Now, Monday I worked and then left for Cologne in the afternoon. I met Sabine at the train station after she was done with work. I was great to see her. Now... I would love to give you every detail of my time in Cologne, but in the name of privacy I'll have to leave you hanging. Maybe it is best - like the song - you say it best when you say nothing at all. Oddly enough, being the sap that I am I did write something down. I wrote what I would have written on the blog.

Though, I will show you these photos:

They have a great Christmas market in Cologne, much bigger than the one here in Goettingen. I really enjoyed walking around there. It was cold, but the cold is welcoming when you have some warm Gluhwein to sip on. And check out the kick ass hammer and sickle boomerang in the photo above.

This is a pic of the shore of the Rhine at night. I was standing on the main bridge that crosses the river. The Rhine is gorgeous at night.

Ok, I'll give you one pic of her. I have to write something about her. I haven't held back too much on the rest of the trip. I think there are only a few things I haven't put on the blog. So here it goes. I am going to miss this girl. I had a lot of fun with her. She is a beautiful girl and I love that long red hair of hers. In the end these things come to an end. It is like in Casablanca - "We'll always have Paris."

I think I watch too many old movies.

Frankfurt Train Station.

Ok. I rode the train back to Goettingen on Wednesday and when right to the office. We were giving a presentation at work the next day so I wanted to finish up some things. But, mostly I just spent the time bull shitting with Sean about his time in the US.

This is a photo of Germany at high noon. You can sort of see the sun, it is the bright spot just above the buildings on the left. Again - this is at noon.

So yesterday we gave our presentation. It went well. We introduced them to combustion instability, showed them what we do in the US, showed them what we did here at the DLR and talked about what more could be done. I think we have succeeded in convincing them to continue some C.I. CFD research with Daniel. He is happy about that. It would be a great opportunity for us to continue overseas cooperation.

We went out for dinner that night.

Today we went to work again. Even though we gave our ID's back and stuff on Wednesday. We just finished a few things. Sean had brought some apple cider back from the US. They drink tons of apple juice here, but no apple cider. We didn't know if they didn't have it or if they just didn't know the translation. So today we gave some to Daniel and Martin. They liked it and confirmed that they don't really have that here in Germany. I'm glad we could share something with them.

Sean also brought some US coke and snickers back with him. We gave some to Martin. They taste different to me over here. This way we could do a direct comparison. I told him to take them home and he could try the taste test with his girlfriend too.

And that was our last day at the DLR. In two weeks we travel back home. -Eric


Bernulli said...

Of course the christmas market in Cologne is bigger than in Goettingen since Cologne is 30 times as big as Goettingen.

E.Jacob said...

Yes, of course, but maybe not everyone reading this back home knows that.

bernulli said...

Exactly. That's why I'm filling up lacking key information to put things in the right perspective. Here: "Dear inquisitive reader of this blog who is wondering why Cologne's christmas market is much bigger than Goettingen's - there's nothing special about this! Cologne IS just MUCH bigger."