Saturday, December 08, 2007

Peenemünde: Day 3 - Morning

Maik was going to show us around Peenemunde. We met later in the morning and he drove us around the island. He first took us to see where all the scientist had lived. Many of these buildings had been destroyed in bombing raids, but they have been rebuilt.

We saw the old train stations.

This is the location where Wernher Von Braun lived. All the buildings are destroyed.

After the brief tour around town we went for a tour of the airport. The guy there had all sorts of cool parts and a lot of technical expertise on the subject. He had a nice scale model of the island in his museum.

Strike a communist pose. Peenemunde was used as a base by the GDR forces during the cold war. So it is kind of a Russian/German mix of history.

He took us for a ride around the airport. There were old bunkers from the cold war era which would house aircraft. We saw V-1 launch ramps, the place where the ME-163 was launched and more. It was pretty cool. What was even cooler was that the guy had an awesome dog. He could open doors.

This was the air raid shelter. It was destroyed after WW2. It was pretty huge.

After the airport tour we swung back by the rental. We were going to take a stroll out to the V-2 launch site. It was a bit of a hike into the woods. Since it was getting late we ate something quick, warmed up some and then left. I will post that adventure next. -Eric

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