Sunday, December 09, 2007

DLR Christmas Party

Howdy Partners. [I accidentally checked big pictures when uploading, so today is a big picture day.]

Yesterday we had our DLR Christmas party. We had a lovely lunch and then went ice skating. We managed to not fall. The ice was a little wet because it had been raining and wasn't very cold out, so it sucks to fall.

We had some Gluhwein and then went back to the DLR. Once we were there we had coffee and cake. Just if you didn't know already, Germans are nuts about their coffee and cake. We got out of there around 6pm or so. Then we went to the Christmas market. We had a bratwurst and some more Gluhwein. It was after that that the 'work' portion of the night ceased. Mira, Daniel, Sean and I were with Martin (which is pronounced differently here, it is more like Marteen.) He is a guy we work with and he is a lot of fun to chat with. So we all decided that we needed a beer, just one :) I love that game.

While walking to Thanners, our favorite local bar, we ran into Martin's girlfriend. He joked that he was lucky that he didn't tell her that he was still hard at work running simulations. So now the six of us went to the bar. Spoiler: We had more than one beer.

After Thanners we stopped by Martin's place. It is right in the heart of the town. He has a gorgeous place. He showed us around. Daniel wanted to see his guitars. I had a shot of vodka.

Next we went to the underground bar in town. It is a old wine cellar or something. It is a great place, but we had vowed, in the name of capitalism, to never go there again because we always got terrible service. However, Martin and his girl hadn't been there, so we sucked it up and went. Thankfully we had good service this time.

That is Martin, he is from Dresden. He works on Monte Carlo simulations of rarefied gas. As Banuti put it, speaking in a soft voice as if to a child, "come here little molecules."

After a few beers we called it a night. We got back at around 1am or so. Sean and I made some tea and ate some leftover pastries that we had. It was a great day. -Eric

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