Thursday, December 06, 2007

Peenemünde: Ruskies

Sunday morning we went to see the Russian submarine. While walking up to it, the guy who we were renting the house from drove up. He has a shop that sells submarine stuff and he offered to personally show us around the sub. It would turn out that this guy would be just about the best guy we could have picked to rent from. You will see more later.

A lovely piece of graffiti. Don't know what ficken means? Use your imagination :)

There's the sub. It is the largest non-nuclear sub. The tubes that you see tilted up were for launching missiles at aircraft carriers.

They had creepy manikins setup in the sub, this was the creepiest of them all. Some kids were in the sub and they had to leave because they were too scared. I was scared too :)

Dive Dive Dive. Banuti and Sean pushing the emergency dive buttons. Apparently Daniel doesn't want to play along.

The sub tour went pretty fast and then Maik, the guy we were renting from, showed us around the town. There isn't a lot to see, Peenemünde is small. Many of the buildings are falling apart.

These buildings are not from world war two, instead they are from the GDR times, when there was an East and West Germany.

This picture is turned sideways. It is a pain to flip it and upload it. I just like the drawings on this abandoned building, which was a hospital. It is creepy, but beautiful.

There was an old chapel nearby with some old gravestones.

On our way back to our rental we passed the oxygen plant. This is where they manufactured the liquid oxygen for the V2 rockets. This is one of the few remaining buildings from WW2.

I think after that we made dinner, watched some episodes of 'From the Earth to the Moon' and called it a night. -Eric

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