Saturday, December 15, 2007

Come On Canada

Hey Hey.

I haven't been posting enough. My life will not be thoroughly documented for this four month period unless I pick up the pace.

So... I was working. Ha. Ok, I got some good results, things are looking good. The 'trouble' with science is that it usually works out that successfully answering a question only leads to more questions. There is beauty in that. My good results have only given us a myriad of ideas to work on. But lo and behold, our time here is coming to an end. Well, we can work more, we'll just need to do it overseas.

We had our second DLR Christmas party last night. This time it was a dinner. So we had a lovely meal and then sat around and got drunk. I spent most the time talking to Mira and Martin's girlfriend. What can I say, I like to chat with the ladies. Maybe it is a product of being an engineer and always talking to just guys. Unfortunately, these gals are taken :)

Daniel was explaining to the boss here what we were working on and the good results that we've had. The boss (Klause, I like to refer to him as Klausie) asked if we could give a presentation on Tuesday. Eh, I had to tell him that I will be busy making a short trip to Cologne. Also, Sean is returning on Tuesday. Anyways, we will give a presentation later in the week (Thursday or Friday.) It will be a good opportunity for us to show them the work that we do at UTSI.

Today I swung by the DLR to help them clean up a bit. Then I walked to town with Martin and got a hair cut and got some food to eat. Now I am eating and blogging. After this I will swing by the train station, get my tickets for Cologne and then do some laundry. It is a full 'exciting' day.

In the meantime, I have to finish reviewing Dr. Flandro's theory, finish the CFD work, prepare this new presentation, start and finish my technical paper for the Aerospace Sciences conference in Reno, Nevada which is due in two weeks, also make the presentation for that, and revise the student paper presentation for the international competition. Plus + Hamberg for Christmas, then Paris, then Berlin for New Years and then I die :) Basically my life for the next month is me holding on, closing my eyes and praying for mid-January.

Ok - I have no pictures - but, but... I have a great great great video for you. I forgot to post this before. It is pretty hilarious. Short Background: this was taken two days before Karneval. Sean, Mira and I are in Cologne at the base of the historic Dom - really really drunk. Oh, and for any Canadians reading, I'm sorry :)

Ah, now I remember. My Grandma also sent me some cookies. I got them in the mail yesterday.

And my Grandpa found this hat at Germanfest in Milwaukee and decided to send it to me in Germany? I don't know. I think I will wear it to work on Monday :) -Eric

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