Sunday, December 16, 2007

Peenemünde Rocketry Museum

Finally I am getting around to finishing the Peenemünde posts. On the last full day we were there we went to the actual museum in Peenemünde. We were rather surprised that we could fill up all of our time so thoroughly in such a small town. We were expecting to visit a few things and then spend some time relaxing. Well it turned out to be rather busy, but still a great trip.

The museum is located in the old power plant. This is one of the few remaining building left from WW2 and the actual rocket research.

There was a nice model of the V-2 launch site. This is where we were the previous day in the woods. Not much is left.

This picture is turned sideways, but it doesn't effect it. There were plans to build a larger rocket and launch it at New York. Fortunately the war ended before that.

This is part of the old power plant. I took a lot of pictures here because the lighting was great.

A chess board. They were trying to show the cold war as some kind of rocket chess match. I liked it because I am a chess player. It gave me a good idea for a chess board. I suppose their message wasn't getting through to me :)

This is what the left you with at the end of the museum. Here in Germany they have to play the balance between Nazi's and Rockets. They can't be too pro-rocket/technology or they will be accused of being Nazi sympathizers. So here we are, rockets are going to kill us all - I guess. When we got to this display I joking threw down my head phones and said to Banuti, "Fine, I get it, rockets are evil. I quit."

Lucky for us good ol' boys from the States - rockets are cool! -Eric

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