Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years Berlin

We traveled to Berlin for New Years Eve. Sean and I got to Berlin at about 1:30, Mira and Daniel were going to arrive at around 3:30. Sean and I needed to deposit some money into our bank account here, and since the machine was busted in Goettingen, we needed to do it in Berlin. We walked around town looking for a bank, eventually we found one. On the way I took a few photos.

Sean lifting a car.

Cool buildings.

When we met up with Daniel and Mira it was still pretty early, so we walked around the festivities. We took a ride on the ferris wheel.

This is a view of the stage by the Brandenburg Gate from the ferris wheel. It was freezing outside. It was especially cold up on top the ferris wheel. I picked up a sweatshirt later in the night because I was rather cold.

They had performances going on all afternoon, but most of them were crappy German bands that were tailored more to the teenie-bopper age. Anyways, it was still entertaining.

And of course the countdown in German. I have more to this video. There were fireworks for a while to the right.

After we rang in the new year we walked around to some of the other parties.

There was trash everywhere, it looked a lot like a war zone after the celebrations. The haze and the lighting only added to the effect.

We needed to kill a little time before our train left to come back. We walked back to the Gate and then up to the train station and we got some coffee and waited. We slept on the train, with alarms set so we didn't miss Goettingen. After arriving in Goettingen we walked back and quickly went to sleep. It was a fun adventure. -Eric

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